Joe Valles at work on stone entrance

Belvidere Gets New Entrance Thanks To Neighbors' Efforts | City of Raleigh

The six-foot stone columns rising just outside the Belvidere Park subdivision will not only improve the entrance to the 1948 neighborhood. They'll also stand as monuments to the perseverance of Belvidere residents. Two years ago...

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Joe Valles, Owner

Fabricator Focus | Stone Business

Joe Valles is definitely an old-school mason – but he’s also wielding a keyboard as deftly as a chisel. For 25 years, Valles has installed architectural stone here in his adopted city and the surrounding area. One of  his specialties is...

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Stone pedestrian bridge

A Bridge To Sigh For: Venetian Design Inspires Span | The News & Observer

The challenge - Because its front yard plunged nearly eight feet down from the street level on two sides, this house had no front walkway and a hard-to-find-front door. The overgrown yard featured...

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